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Unfortunately we live in a left brain world

By learning to use your right brain, in harmony with your left brain, you will create balance in your life

Do you want to learn how to un-lock the Right (creative) side of your brain so you can finally give the Left (analytical) side of your brain a rest.

Informative, inspiring and definitely life changing

A new adventure will begin the moment you enrol in Right-Brain Genius.

This course is an excellent kick-starter to a multitude of many other wonderful things you can do with your life.

Relax while building confidence, finding focus and making new friends, (especially with your own right brain).

As you progress through the simple techniques, you will thank yourself for the wonderful opportunity of un-locking your creative right brain.

Realise your dreams, improve on existing skills. Improve co-ordination, become aware of greater balance in your life.

Engineers, Architects, Mums & Dad’s, Builders, Accountants, Professional Artists, Doctors, and Nurses, in fact people from all walks of life, young & old have and will continue to benefit in one way or another from this truly amazing course.

Flick your creative switch - Embrace artistic ability - Say goodbye to negative emotions you hold about your creative ability - Boost confidence - The switch in the dark is finally found - A great way to relieve stress

The tool used to unlock the right side of your brain is learning to draw - Learning to draw is merely the vehicle to so much more

Course Options

No drawing experience required

Suitable for ages 9-90 years



Corporate Profile

Ergon Energy - Cairns 2010

Dawsons Engineering- Cairns 2009

Sunshine Coast University - Noosa - August 2012

Sunshine Coast University - Sippy Downs - August 2012

Eckersley's Art's & Crafts store - August 2012

Sunshine Coast Libraries - June to November 2013

Sunshine Coast Libraries - January to March 2014

Moreton Bay Libraries - February to May 2014


There is no refund of deposits on cancellations. Deposits can be transfered to a future course so long as at least one weeks notice is given prior to course commencement.